How we help to grow market share in Taiwan

As a newly industrialized country, Taiwan is indeed filled with bursting opportunities for business. Having recovered quickly from the global financial crisis of 2007-2010, its economy has been growing steadily. Furthermore, with the signing of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with China in 2010, the long awaited opening up of trade relations between these two states ushered in an inflow of further investment particularly in their booming high tech sector.

Operating in Taiwan enables our consultants to understand the undercurrent of business operations resulting from macroeconomic impacts such as this recent opening up with China. When studying the staggering growth rates and abundance of high tech capabilities present in this export-oriented economy, it is critical to understand that Taiwan's growth - while impressive - presents some highly concentrated focus in the Chinese economy. While this means Taiwan can enjoy the growth presented typically in China's increased demand in high tech product, the downside is a potential to subject itself to a slowing global economy overly dependent on China's continued growth. For this reason, it is critical for our consultants to understand the perspectives of the people operating businesses in this country and witnessing first hand, how Taiwan's position in global trade stands to adjust with the changing tides of the global economy and the Straits of the South China Sea.

In terms of understanding the ever-changing economic conditions of the country, Solidiance brings you the following advantages:

Customized data, hands-on methods

We are comprised of professional and seasoned consultants who are determined to deliver only the best results: sharp on-the-ground insights and personal solutions according to each client's requests. It is only when our client is satisfied that we can declare our work finished.

Premium market intelligence

To provide our clients with a first-rate customized solution, our team of analysts and consultants use their strong analytical skill sets to extract rough data that is gathered from personal interviews and primary research and turns them into an actionable set of recommendations.

Intrinsic local awareness

To provide recommended solutions for our clients based on the research we gather and collect, it is critical that the rapidly changing environment of Taiwan and its relations with various key trading partners in the region, is understood before approaching market leaders with questions about their own business climate. If your research partner doesn't understand the undercurrent of perspectives possessed by the Tawianese, the data collected in interviews is not only taken out of context but runs the risk of being misinterpreted

Local flavor, international impact

Our human resources are vital to our company's growth, which is why we place a great amount of care in our people. We make sure that our analysts and consultants are not only equipped with the right Taiwanese proficiency, but are also knowledgeable in terms of Taiwanese industry dynamics.

Solidiance truly stands alone in terms of delivering value for money. Over the course of the various projects we've commissioned with Solidiance, we've witnessed them using their deep Asian wide networks to gain trends and insights into a concise roadmap report that we can simply turn over to our Sales team for highly effective implementation. - Tom O'Reilly (Managing Director Asia Rockwell Automation)